Daniel Padilla Nods

Dolce & Banana

Pairing: Sunggyu/Sungjong; slight Myungsoo/Sungjong (AN: because I want to)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff / Crack (idk, my friends LOL-ed so I guess it's crack)
Summary: English is Sungjong's ultimate weakness.

Author's Note: This was my entry to the Secret Santa 2013 at Asianfanfics. First time writing anything Gyu-related and it's my third fic I have ever written so please bear with the... umm... lameness. Sorry hamnida OTL

Learning how to deal with overseas fans had become a crucial part of their life as entertainers ever since Infinite entered the Korean pop industry three years ago. And because of the immense popularity of K-pop across the globe, Woollim knew that eventually they would have to fly Infinite to other countries to promote their songs and interact with their fans up close and personal.

Because Woollim knew Inspirits would love to see (and touch but probably just see unless they jump past security personnel) the boys up close and personal.

And what better way to capture the hearts of international fans than speaking the language they understand?

Which is why it was required for Infinite to use all the free time between their schedules to study foreign languages--one being English for the greater population of fans across English-speaking regions; the other, Japanese for the passionate, and admittedly more profitable market in Japan (It’s where all kawaii stuff is, Woohyun reiterated.)
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